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365 Haghtanak Red Dry

Haghtanak is a wine that involves the selfless devotion of the Armenians, their morale and their incredible aspiration for victory. It is a wine with the taste of victory – haghtanak.

365 Haghtanak belongs to the crown line of the Gevorkian Winery, produced from Haghtanak sort of Ararat valley grapes cultivated by professor Aivazyan. It is produced in accordance with the traditional technology and is aged for 6 months in Karabagh oak barrels.

The wine has a noble purple color, and in its well-balanced blending one can feel the fruity and berry aroma with specific flavors of cherry, blackberry and black current. Eventually, in combination with dry fruit flavors, they become more distinguished and finally turn into a long-lasting aftertaste with flavors of sweet almond and piquant spices.


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