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ARARAT Erebuni


The Yerevan Brandy Company is proud to present the first Ultra Premium brandy in the legendary Armenian brandy ArArAt range: THE 30-YEAR-OLD ARARAT EREBUNI

This unique blend embodies the triumph of passionate, talented and generous people and is the true quintessen- ce of Armenian heritage.


The 30-year-old ArArAt Erebuni comes in luxurious gold packaging engraved with ancient cuneiform repeating the stone inscription. Rose gold and sterling silver colors combination give outstanding look and feel and emphasizes the extraor- dinary status of the product, its complexity and splen- dor.

ArArAt Erebuni 30-year-old brandy is made up of more than 30 rare and vintage spirits that have been biding their time in the cellars of the Yerevan Brandy Company. The oldest spirit in the blend dates back to 1934. Therefore, Erebuni has a rich amber color with touches of mahogany.


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