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Kremlin Award Classic 0,7L

Kremlin Award is currently one of the legendary Russian Vodka’s. In the 20th century, vodka was produced in very limited quantities and was primarily intended for meetings in the Kremlin. In fact, the vodka was an excellent drink for the most exclusive guests and was offered to the highest state officials at the palace.

Kremlin Award Classic Vodka is created by highly skilled and notable masters, who were able to re-born the classic recipe of Russian vodka, created on the basic of juniper. The vodka is created by using heritage recipe and reflects in its quality the best of the centuries-old experience of Ancient Russian vodka-makers and the modern Russian traditions.
When the vodka is made, the finished blend remains in the tanks for two weeks and only after re-tasting it comes to bottling.

Tasting notes:
Kremlin Award Classic vodka is soft and has a long sweet after-taste. The first sip will bring a soft, velvety flavor, packing with it brightly expressed roundness and fruity after-taste.


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